Simon Waldram is what one might call a serial traveller. A man who likes to see the world. He has worked in Australia, the United Kingdom, in Spain, in Iceland, and now is settled in the Canary Islands. His chosen destination, the least spoiled of all the islands, Fuerteventura.

And in all his travels, a camera has been his constant companion. A lifetime of viewing remote places through the lens of a camera has, as it does many, affected him. Possessed him perhaps. It has pushed him to pursue the very best locations, which is why he has settled in Fuerteventura. The “Windy Island” offers endless opportunities for keen photographers.

Landscape fans will melt at the contrasts, from cheerful if ramshackle farms and smallholdings, and the people battling the harsh environment to get by, to the incredible seascapes, who’s moods change with every shift in wind direction. To the amazing sunrises on the less windy Eastern side of the Island, to simply stunning sunsets across towering Atlantic swells on the Western side. And everywhere, dominated by towering volcanic mounts, if only in the distance.

Wildlife enthusiasts are also catered for, with endless different opportunities, from the very common striped squirrel (alien species from Morocco) to the very native and incredibly rare on a global scale Greater Bustard. Marine mammals also can be seen close to shore for those keen enough to get up at the very first light.

Those photographers that enjoy starscapes will be simply blown away. The island is amazing with peaks allowing shots free from light pollution.


All of these things have been observed, and many shots taken by Simon. Many trips ruined by the wrong conditions. Many trips enhanced by the unexpected. All logged, and registered, as he ascended a very steep learning curve. And the end result? Simon is able to offer both visitors and residents the very best photography opportunities at any given moment. He is also able to provide post shoot workshops, on how to get the best out of what you have shot, and offer advice on the trickier regions of photography, such as starscapes.

In addition, Simon offers workshops in the more mainstream, such as wedding portfolios, modelling shoots, etc. All at the very best value rates. To enhance your photographic experience in one of the most dramatic, rugged and beautiful places on earth, drop Fuerteshoot a line, and leave nothing to chance.